Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference

Speaker: Daniel Spiewak

Talk: Uncovering the Unknown: Principles of Type Inference     

Seventh in our ETE 2011 screencast series

The theory and practicum of type inference has been around for literally decades, but it remains a tricky and needlessly dry topic, even in academic circles. This talk will delve into the glorious details and subtle implications of type inference in industrial languages like C# and Scala, as well as highly mathematical languages like Haskell. We will uncover the sordid reasons beyond some of the many unnerving quirks of modern type inference schemes, as well as the the amazing power they proffer.

Love of math is not a prerequisite, though utter dread of such may result in minor hallucinations during the talk. Deep-seated hatred of static typing is welcomed! The primary focus of this talk will be on Scala, Haskell and SML, but prior knowledge of these languages is neither expected nor required.

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